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Polish mobile networks spent PLN 800m on advertising in January-August 2013  2013-09-25
Mobile operators in Poland spent a total of PLN 800m to advertise themselves in TV, radio and the press from January to August 2013. According to the data which has been recently published by Institute of Media Monitoring ... more »
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New CEO of Orange Polska  2013-09-23
On the 19th of September 2013 the supervisory board appointed Bruno Duthoit as the president of Orange Polska. The change in the management board was carried out on a succession basis to ensure the maximum continuity ... more »
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Cyfrowy Polsat publishes results for Q2 2013  2013-09-24
Cyfrowy Polsat, a DTH platform from Poland, has published its results for the second quarter 2013, showing that the revenues of the platform totalled PLN 740m. Compared with the analogous period of 2012 this represents ... more »
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Orange Polska kicks off cloud services  2013-10-04
On the 27th of September Orange Polska started to offer its services in the public cloud model. The service called “Orange Cloud” offers a file storage and free data transfer in both directions (to and from ... more »
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Chamber of Digital Economy established in Poland   2013-09-24
In January 2013 a Chamber of Digital Economy was established in Poland. The main aim of the Chamber is to represent the common interests of the companies active in this field in dealings with the government, but it also ... more »
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ZUS set to part ways with Asseco? PLN 500m up for grabs  2012-11-14
As the latest contract between Asseco Poland, Poland’s biggest IT company, and ZUS (Social Insurance Company) nears its end, there is growing speculation concerning who will be ZUS’s future IT provider. ... more »
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The IT spending structure in Poland has not undergone any significant changes although it is noticeable that individual customers ... more »

W tegorocznej edycji rozszerzyliśmy część raportu dotyczącą usług IT o pytania dotyczące zewnętrznych centrów przetwarzania danych. Jedna na pięć ... more »

Ostatnie 12 miesięcy na rynku IT w Polsce upłynęło pod hasłem względnego spokoju i swojego rodzaju monotonii. Na rynku w zasadzie ... more »

The pay TV market has seen uninterrupted steady growth, unlike telecommunications services, which, following a downturn in 2009, have ... more »

Dynamika zmian wartości rynku usług telekomunikacyjnych i rynku płatnej telewizji wykazywała w ostatnich paru latach wyraźną dysproporcję. Rynek płatnej ... more »
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